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Need help?


First Timer

Can anyone help me here please.


I am back using my grand old HG635 router.


I was in the settings looking to double check that I still have TR-069 disabled, but I can't seem to  find that option/setting as it's been a while since I have been in the settings having a tinker with things, I have forgot to tell the truth, but I am almost 99.9% sure that is the option to force a stop on any router firmware/software updates being auto updated if and when talktalk feel like sending any updates etc up the line to the router, am I correct in saying this from what I remember ?


Basically all I want to know is how do I thoroughly make sure that my router will 100% block any attempts from talktalk to auto update my firmware/software as the version I have suits me fine, thats all.


Does anyone know please ? (where do I find the option ? as all I can find just now is the tick box for remote management, as I said, I am almost 99.9% sure there is another setting/option too called something like TR-069 (I think) that makes sure it's 100% disabled, unless I am wrong and maybe thinking of another router, don't think so though, although I will stand corrected if I am totally wrong).