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Iplayer not working properly on Firestick or Roku with talktalk wifi hub sagemcom

Repeat Guest

My in laws recently switched to talktalk fibre broadband and have a sagemcom hub.  Since switching, iplayer on Roku will not stream programs although content from other apps works fine.  I have tried replacing the Roku stick with an Amazon Firestick with similar results.  If I try to use either of these devices on another network (phone hotspot) everything works fine.  If I start to watch a program using hot spot connection and then switch to talktalk connection the program continues ok.  The issue seems to be with sending some data from the device sticks, back to the BBC iplayer server via the talktalk hub.  This forum seems to have details of thousands of iplayer related problems but I can't find the answer to this one.


All suggestions welcomed.