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Is anyone using an Asus DSL-AC55U Modem Router? Does it work out the box with TalkTalk

Wizz Kid



As per the title.


I'm about to go live with TT and I'm interested in using this router instead of the FAST 5364 primarily due to the enhanced parental control features it offers. I don't own one yet so would like to know before i buy.


I can find lots of posts where people are struggling to get it to work with TT and only one where someone seems to have it working after simply flashing it with the latest Asus firmware. It just seems odd that there are so many people struggling yet this one post fixed it with a simple firmware flash.


I'd be interested to know if people are using this kit and if so how problematic it was to set up.


I have a passing knowledge of Wireshark (but by no means am I an expert) if that helps.


Alternatively I'm open to other Asus router suggestions for TT, again due to the parental controls.




P.S. OCE's I appreciate this isn't something that you can necessarily help with as it's 3rd party kit.









Community Star

Hi Fritz, I have an Asus router working with a draytek modem and setup Was a bit tricky but not beyond the wit of this simpleton.

One thing to note with ac55 is it does not have a VPN client, which means if you wanted to put your wholesome network through VPN you couldn't. Might not be a deal breaker....

If you have troubles setting up the router give me a shout.


Good luck.

Regards Divsec, I don't work here, know little, and have too many opinions.
Wizz Kid

Apologies for posting in the wrong section and thank you for moving it to the correct one.


Thank you for the reply Divsec. I didn;t realise there was no VPN client, they word the description very carefully, but I can see you are correct. As you spotted it isn't a deal breaker for me.


Asus have confirmed to me that TT is now included in the auto set up but have also said that I need to flash the firmware to the latest before I do anything else or I may runinto issues. So it seems the post I found about doing just that is correct.


After that they say it should work straight out the box.


Happy days.