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USB port on back of YOUVIEW BOX...?????

a collier
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usb port on back of youview box...whats it for....


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Hi &  welcome a collier


In short Nothing.


It is not currently enabled and is there for possible future use.

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I believe it's soon going to be enabled for using a keyboard as part of the accessibility update that is currently being rolled out to retail boxes.
a collier
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thank you

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Wise Owl

All fairly self explanitory:


Arial in:  there for connecting to your arial

Arial out:  allows you to propagate the RF signal to another device, eg the TV,  to enalbe this connection you need to enable RF Passthrough on the youview box

TV SCART:  a SCART connector for passing the video/audio signal to your TV, generally for compatibility with older TVs that do not have HDMI

SPDIF:  a digital audio output, allowing you to pass the audio signal to a compatible Amp/Hi-fi system.  Personally I take my sound source from the TV set to the external sound system as that is then common for all inputs to theTV and not just the youview box.

Ethernet:  The boxes link to the ethernet, for catch-up etc

USB: Side and back of the youview box are (currently) unsed USB ports

Power:  The power supply for the box.

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It is used should you wish to make the box wireless when you can use it in a PC to configure it and your network

Some unused USB ports can be utilised for charging mobile devices / running a USB fan / lights & much much more


There was a thread that detailed a lot more devices a good while ago


There is no harm in trying to charge your phone to see if power is goint to the USB port Smiley Happy


Found this one, but not the one I was looking for 



T_PC_R wrote:
Just by using the USB sockets on your TV, settop box, youview, DVD > player or recorder, router etc
List your ideas or alternatives here Smiley Happy
Was just asked if there are any wifi enabled Xmas decorations
I have not seen any yet, (have you) ???
Do they or will they exist ??????


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