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When will TalkTalk support IPv6

Wizz Kid

Well Here we are on the 28th March 18 :

Still NO Word about IPV6 comming from TT.

In the Mean time , there Basic Faster broadband ( LOL) 

Is failing yet again problem :

BT have not joined my copper cable to fibre ,Still copper to copper,

To Force this :

I need to take out fibre package:

or :

go to an other supplier, That does supprt IPV6??? ( Costing)

Team Player

"go to an other supplier, That does supprt IPV6??? ( Costing)"


problem is that TT and Plusnet and the cheapest really don't charge enough money to be able to give good customer service and have more resilient networks.


consider that minimum working wage is over £7/hour, so it probably costs TT over £14 an hour to have a customer service person. if you incur just a half hour's customer service in a month, you've cost them the entire profit on your broadband that month.


hence why Zen and A&A who can offer static IPv4 and IPv6, and maintain speed and latency and offer good customer service simply can't charge the bottom bucket rate of TT.


Problem Solver

Sky have IPv6 on all their connections, it's sticky rather than static but this doesn't bother me. Their service is good enough that I've never needed to contact customer services, and they're only a little bit more expensive than TT and Plusnet.

Wizz Kid

Hi spex.

Sorry about shorting of login but hey copy and past dont work anymore !!

any way as to paying staff, not a Hope do the good people of the Phillipiens or South Africa get that kind of pay:

Hence NO UK call centre's as to IPV 6 roll out (Never)

as to my complaint TT are 2nd lowest on ofcom list of ISP's 


Conversation Starter

My 633 router has ipv6 on dhcp.

I had to disable it because of probs with iOS.

Super Duper Contributor
I think it's time some TalkTalk customers took the nuclear option. Misleading advertising complaints to the ASA and or their local trading standards. "Unlimited" internet or broadband most certainly isn't if IPv6 isn't being offered. I've sent in my complaint.
"OK, now you need to reboot your computer. .... Um, sir, please stop kicking it."
Team Player

well, we left TT because the cheap deal ended - and are now with PlusNet, and have exactly the same problem.

meanwhile, primary internet circuit with Zen is working just fine with IPv6 😉

First Timer

There are countless people and organization who still prefer using IPv4 even though IPv6 is quickly establishing itself as a robust industry. There has been much debate about whether migrating to IPv6 is a good idea.Knowing the major differences between ipv4 and ipv6 helps you choose the best that suits your needs.

Team Player

The article on ipv4mall is mostly useless for the audience here, they're not making complex networks and working out routing tables.

The article is also overly simplistic, probably not really helpful to anyone. Seems really to be an attempt to promote the web site.

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Problem Solver

I think the username "IPv4Mall" demonstrates exactly why IPv6 is badly needed, IP addresses should be freely available to those who need them, not traded for large sums of money.


"The only remaining large UK broadband ISP which has not publicly stated any IPv6 plans is TalkTalk" - UK IPv6 Council