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have new wifi hub up and running need remote access

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I have been reading that remote access is not available on the wifi hub ?, i have a spare asus N66U that i am running in repeater bridge mode (its running dd-wrt firmware), everything is sweet, i am now getting excellents speed where i once could not get the wifi from the wifi hub, i now need to get remote access to router, i am going to do this (hopefully) by means of openvpn running on the repeater, once i set this up will i be able to access the repeater remotley or will the wifi hub block me, ie, do i need to make changes to the wifi hub to do this ?

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You are correct remote access to the hub is not possible.


The only way to get remote access is to remotely access a PC on your local network via port forwarding. From there you can open up a browser session from that PC to the router.

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