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20% increase in Calls Boost.

Whizz Kid
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Where is the justification for increasing the Calls boost by 20% from £10.00 to £12.00. That is an extraordinary increase especially considering current inflation levels. Can you explain this huge increase.


Super Duper Contributor
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I havent looked at other providers but im sure there all at least £10 a month and now 1 has put the price up the others will soon follow like they do with line rental.


At £12 a month its now got to the point where its cheaper to get a sim only plan and thats exactly what I will be looking at doing if I cant get a deal when my contract expires.

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@Andrew7856 At the end of the day customers can choose the best phone options which suit them, whatever they may be.


Whizz Kid
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I guess ultimately there are free to increase their prices as they see fit.   I guess as less and less people use their landlines,  they are squeezing the last drop out of the remaining customers.


On a more practical solution, is it not possible to drop the call boost, and instead take out a SIM only deal via O2? For £6 / month you would get unlimited mins (mobiles/landlines) 


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@dalley Yes, and the T&Cs also make clear that Boost prices can change. Only your broadband price is fixed. 


First Timer
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How is this possible, increasing my boost to £12, when I signed up I was told it was for 24months via email:
"Your flexible boosts
add and remove these boosts one month at a time

super safe                        free

Unlimited UK Calls          £7.50
£7.50 for 24 months then £10.00 a month thereafter"


and now they say:

"From January, the standard price of your Unlimited UK Calls Boost is increasing by £2.00 to £12.00 therefore you will see a £2.00 increase per month. Any discounts you have will continue to apply."

Super Duper Contributor
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I'd tried to enable that half-price 12 month boost before it was withdrawn. That's the primary reason I posted in this thread because I couldn't enable it. I provide proof below in the attachment screenshot I made at the time of that, then active, boost offer which, mysteriously, could not be added.


By the time I found I could add it the offer had been quickly and quietly modified to half price for just 3 months with the cost increasing from £5/month to £6/month in January.


That change in the terms of the boost on offer can not be treated as anything but suspect and others might use more robust language to describe it.



Original TT Boost Offer.png


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Hi Tropla


Just to clarify that the calling boost offers advertised by TalkTalk previously at half price for 12 months have ended and replaced with offers at half price for 3 months. 


I see that customers that purchased the deal during the time of the 12 month promotion have had that promotion honoured. 


For customers that don't already have a discounted calls boost then half price for 3 months is still a nice bonus.  If you use the call boost for 3 months and cancel just with 48 hours notice at the end of that period (because you can cancel a boost after just 1 month without any penalty) then it's still a nice Christmas and New Year discount.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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So I went and looked and it does not say for 12 months now , it says for 3 months which is typical

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@mrwrighty wrote: I have calls boost reduced to £7.50 from £10...which expires August 2020...

...so you could save £2.50 now or £1.50 each month from 7 January by swapping out the Call Boost to get half price calls to December 2020. 


There is no admin fee for cancelling and reapplying a Calls Boost so long as the minimum 1 month term has been completed. Boosts are never tied to a broadband contract.


Admin fees are only for mid-term broadband contract changes outside of the last 90 days of a fixed low price plan.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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I have calls boost reduced to £7.50 from £10. I negotiated on my last renewal. It states under this boost it is for 24 months which expires August 2020. Last time I tried to make changes listed under my 24 month contract I was going to be charged an admin fee.


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@mrwrighty wrote:No good to me as I'm on a 24 month contract

Calling Boosts are on a separate contract that has a minimum term of one month and after that can be cancelled at any time.


Why do you say that a half price Calling Boost at half price for up to a year is no good? Seems like a bargain to me bearing in mind the cost of the unlimited number of calls that are included.


Although some recent pre-Black Friday deals offered broadband for 24 months and free Anytime UK Calls for 18 months.  That free calls offer will still be free until the end of the 18 months offer period.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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No good to me as I'm on a 24 month contract

Community Star
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Hi @mrwrighty 


TalkTalk have News about our prices that gives an explanation. This is usually all we get to see as justification for price increases.


TalkTalk do have a 50% discount offer for 12 months on the Unlimited UK Calls Boost so at £5 a month or £6 a month from 7 January this seems to be a good time to take advantage of a price reduction 'present' that will last you a whole year. Perfect timing just ahead of Christmas when we usually make lots of calls to family and friends. 


Unlimited UK Calls Boost offer 30Nov2019.png

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