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Anytime Calls

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TalkTalk should look at their charges for anytime calls boost currently £12 per month, it is astonishing that this charge is so high when you are offering mobile deals with plenty of minutes included from £5 per month this also includes texts and data.

I am currently on Half price until 1ST July and if TalkTalk won't reduce this price I will seriously consider one of the many mobile deals on offer with various providers which will offer better value than than using landline for calls

Trevor Wassell

@TrevorW1 hi the reason is that talktalk stopped doing mobile deals and now are in partnership with o2 so they do not have a full control over it


u can always try and get a bargain when u renew 

U must have a good signal at home on ur mobile then for more help or advice please post here


this is a none support area and do not get looked at by staff that much

Hope that help Regards Joe
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