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BEING IGNORED - no phone or internet for 2 weeks

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I am posting on behalf of my 80 year old mother in law. 2 weeks ago her phone and broadband has been down. On Sunday 8th I went and tried to sort it and found it was an external fault and was promised the issue would be sorted in 2-3 days. On the Tuesday a neighbour (also no phone or internet) told her Openreach had been and told him that the telephone pole had been burnt down and needed replacing. I informed Talktalk via Twitter. They gave a couple of updates then said Openreach would need access to the property. We said fine when? Ridiculous amounts of time between each reply to try to get a date to then be told she maybe charged. I've pointed out numerous times its the pole issue but have accepted the terms they have asked me to accept 3 times and still no one is arranging the appointment. Its been 24 hours since I accepted for the 3rd time and we are no further forward! I have also pointed out numerous times that an engineer to the house can't do anything if the pole is damaged but that has also been ignored! This is an elderly woman with no phone or internet and has hearing issues so really struggles on mobile calls! Please can someone respond 


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Hi Marion,


I'm sorry for the delay. Did you get through to our Chat Team or do you still need us to look into this for you?





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Well it seems the agents on Twitter are saying one thing and the chat agents another. Still just told openreach are investing and bluntly told these things aren't fixed overnight 😕 


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I've added her details to that and will give the chat a go, thanks

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For help this weekend try Chat, available from links on this page:




For help on the forum, please add your mother in law's name and phone number to Private Notes. 


Go via your avatar/name; settings; drop down menu that starts with "email"; choose Personal Information. Private Notes is at the very end. Save changes. 


Staff are unlikely to reply before Monday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.