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Block / barring outgoing call

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Hi, does anyone know how to block / bar specific 'outgoing' numbers?

I know you have an option to block calls to international numbers, or mobile numbers, however this is 'general' and not specific. Is there a way you can set up a list of numbers that can not be called?

If not, does anyone know who to reduce you call allowance down to '0', I believe the lowest available option is £10?


Thanks in advance


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Hi @secretive 


As you know you can block all outgoing premium rate calls, block all outgoing mobile calls or block all international calls (costs £1/m from 1 August). These are selective blocks.  No way I know to block specific numbers.


Many handsets do have a keypad lock but not usually with a PIN code just a simple long press of a button on the keypad. But it may help, depending on the circumstances.


To restrict your costs you could consider taking the Anytime UK calls Boost, currently on offer for £7.50 a month for unlimited UK landline and mobile calls. But be aware that there'll be charges if the call time exceeds 60 minutes on any call other than to TalkTalk customers where the free call time is 3 hours.


As you know you can reduce your billing limit down to £10 to try and control your costs. You ask if it's possible to reduce that down to £0. That's not possible.


But there is a workaround if you're really not wanting to incur any landline call costs and are willing to give up making chargeable landline calls and that's to ask Customer Services to block all chargeable outgoing calls.  Emergency calls will still be possible and incoming calls are ok.


TalkTalk support options are here: Contact us.  Try LiveChat or Messenger on the MyTalkTalk mobile app (8am to 10pm). Calls to Customer Services on 0345 172 0088 are free from your TalkTalk 'phone (8am to 8pm.

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