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Call Safe without Broadband?

First Timer

My elderly Mum has dementia, but manages to live alone with support from others.  She is being plagued with nuisance calls and twice in the last month has found herself drawn into seemingly great "deals". 

The first was someone calling and getting her to sign up to a Direct Debit for central heating breakdown - she didn't need this as she already has it in place.  We managed to get the contract cancelled and the £145 refunded.

Today when I took her shopping, she said she'd had a phone call - wasn't too sure what it was about, something to do with heating, and that she'd arranged for someone to come and visit her to talk more about it on Wednesday.  

I tried to call the number back.  It's a company called "National Energy Check".  I called them back and left a message saying that I wanted to cancel the appointment, that my Mum had been diagnosed with Dementia and that someone would need to be with her to make financial decisions.
Mum said she just found it really difficult to say no to them (which is what happened before with the central heating breakdown plan she'd signed up to.
I have just tried to activate "Call Safe" on her account which I thought would work well for Mum as she gets so many nuisance and unwanted calls.  
BUT it appears that you cannot activate Call Safe unless you have a subscription to one of Talk Talks Broadband packages? 
Is this the case, as surely it's a perfect service for elderly people who are unlikely to have Broadband?
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Pineapple27


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community. 


What package is you mum on?  


You might also try and sign her up for the TPS service

Insightful One


My mum got caught many years ago, so I sympathise.

Some time ago we got a call blocker phone, BT8500.  If you can't get the call safe, although it will cost, I would recommend getting one of the phones similar to the 8500.  It really does work as non of the autodialling callers get through.  They are not necessarily cheap, but probably less overall than a monthly broadband subscription, though if you could pick up one of the recent deals of £20 including anytime uk calls then it may not be any more than line rental and calls.

You need to push for this deal though.

Hopefully you can sort things out.

PS:  TPS doesn't stop people calling - I've taken issue with them on several occasions.