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Call Safe

Wise Owl
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I have just started to use Call Safe, please can anyone confirm where TalkTalk are getting the initial Approved list of phone numbers from - several appear as "Withheld Number".

What is the point of this?

Should I delete these numbers and force friends to go through the Approval process?


Also I note that when I first placed MY Mobile number and Name in the approved list the Number was visible, when returned to edit my name - on saving the number became "Withheld"! even deleting and re-inputting did not make the number display!!


As a new user I get the feeling that Call Safe may let me down - tell me I'm wrong.


Community Star
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I've been using Callsafe for 3 years now without issue, and I've not had a scam call in that time, do it is worth pursuing.


The number withheld issue is known and although it can be an annoyance when you look at them, the numbers are actually stored correctly behind the scenes and callers will get through with needing to announce themselves. True withheld numbers are also recorded correctly and will always show as withheld no matter what you do with them in the listing. The user's get through without announcing themselves.


Your dialed numbers for the last month or so will be stored as approved. If you enter one manually that is already stored it may throw up an error as already recorded


After a while you probably won't even go to your approved numbers and forget a number are shown as withheld. 


Give it a go for a while and once you have approved the numbers you want, you will see the benefits.

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