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Call barring list full

Whizz Kid
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I regularly get spam calls and block them by dialling 14258. I can not use Call safe because I run a business from home and it would deter new customers from contacting me.

Today I got the announcement that the Call list was full and to remove a number before I could add another. I don't know what numbers are on the list so I can not remove them.


Is it possible to return to the old system where the oldest numbers drop off when the list gets full?


I appreciate with our current antiquated phone system it is not possible to block spoofed spam calls but at least this facility keeps them from calling back  from the same number several times on the same day getting increasingly aggressive. I have to answer phone every time in case it is a new customer so I cannot ignore them.


Community Star
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It's not possible to go back to the old system,  @rolando.


I ended up removing all 100 in one go, but it didn't particularly cause any problems. Most of the numbers are probably spoofed anyway, so it's only really useful if you have a persistent nuisance caller.



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.