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Call (un)Safe - not doing what it is supposed to..

Enlightened One

I was on the original Callsafe trial and reported back that it was not fit for purpose and needed more work before being released to the general public

This warning was (of course) totally ignored and TalkTalk rushed out a non finished utility.

This has resulted in many people having problems with Callsafe - such as not being able to backup any safe/black numbers and then there's the problem of switching it back on - if, you DARE to turn it off !!

I have tested Callsafe and have determined that it may be best switched OFF - Because my GP  tried to phone me on Tuesday with a vital health related call, and was unable to even get a dialling tone ! (so much for the claim that NHS get straight through)

I have tried phoning IN -   from my (non-registered) mobile and was able to get straight through !

So PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE can Callsafe be updated  / whatever to get it fixed - and removed from the "back burner" where it has been sitting for the last 3 years ?

We are currently awaiting a call - to let us know of the passing of a relative - but will the caller be able to get through ?

To top it off - EVERY safe number is now showing as WITHHELD !


Community Star

Hi weevie, I remember you from the trial, how are you doing. Amazingly I still have none of the problems you report, my gp always gets through as does my hospital, from several departments. I agree with you the ability to download and upload both black and white lists would be a major improvement.

Your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear back tomorrow although apart from checking your line which may well be faulty I don't know what they can do short term.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.
Enlightened One


Thanks - by email please

I am disabled and unable to speak on the phone - which is another reason why I really want callsafe to be working properly !!

The problem is NOTHING to do with my line - it is clearly a software issue (ie Callsafe itself)

Enlightened One

What's the odds that I don't receive an email from TT support in this subject ?

Community Star

Probably very high if you keep bumping the topic and put it to the end of the queue. Even higher that that as the vast majority of responses in the community a by reply post with an email notification telling you there is a reply.


Be patient😂

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @Weevie


All I can do is pass your comments onto the product owner. 


In relation to the call that got through, what was the date and time of this call?  

Enlightened One

Monday 30th September - my GP was supposed to be calling me at 16:05 - but nothing  happened - my wlfe phoned the next day to be told that my GP was unable to get through - so is trying again on Wednesday 09 Oct 2019 at 17:15

So we will have to wait and see if this manages to get through

The future of callsafe on my account - depends on this - if the call doesn't get through - I will remove callsafe and probably the spam calls will restart !

Enlightened One

OK forget call safe

It's not worth my trying to get it working any longer

I am disabling it for good - and advise anyone else concerned about missing vital calls to do the same !

It is showing all of my previously added approved numbers as "withheld numbers" and when I try to check the registered numbers - by selecting "edit" - nothing happens !

So goodbye callsafe

and incidentally - nothing WAS heard from Support either !!

So TalkTalk have let me down YET AGAIN !