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CallSafe - Cannot be Switched OFF

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Incident: 190918-000271

1     CallSafe is still switched ON and causing me considerable inconvenience, I have been trying most days, during the last three weeks, to turn it OFF,. The dialogue box says it will take a few minutes to be turned OFF, but nothing changes. 

       I have also had two online Live Chats and spoken to Jessica on your complaint 'phone number 0345 172 0088. 

2.  From your message below do I understand that you are closing the tiscali.co.uk email addresses? 

The email address that you are using is one of our legacy email address, we are unable to reset the password for you
Kindly please create a new email address where we will be sending you the bills and for example gmail.com/yahoo.com or googlemail.com.

Richard Entwistle

Support Team
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Hi @Richard-E


Ive checked the account  and CallSafe is showing as off, and its is not active in our Sonus server?  


When someone calls you are they hearing the CallSafe message? 

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I've just checked in www.talktalk.co.uk/my/CallSafe  and I'm pleased to see that at last CallSafe is at last showing as OFF 

Thank you for sorting this for me 👍😃

Richard Entwistle

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Today, Friday 27th September, CallSafe is back ON again and being a nuisance. How did this happen and please will somebody turn it OFF permanently

I am beginning to understand why TalkTalk always gets a bad rating for customer service.

Richard Entwistle

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Today, Saturday 28th September CallSafe is back ON and cannot be switched OFF 😠 ☹️

Richard Entwistle

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This situation gets worse.

1 Not only is CallSafe back ON, but

2 all my Approved numbers have disappeared and

3 I cannot add them back and 

4 now I am being asked to pay £5 to contact a Technician  

Richard Entwistle

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Hi Richard-E


Since the 17th this is the the activation and cancellation of callsafe on your account,   All via My Account. 


17th - Activated
18th - cancelled
20th - Activated
23rd -cancelled
27th - Activated
28th - cancelled
28th - Activated
29th - cancelled


Callsafe is not active on you line as of this post. When you removed Callsafe  all lists are lost this is how it works. Always has been since we began offering it.


Who has asked you to pay £5?  and for what? 


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I have never managed to turn CallSafe OFF from the My Account screens, but it has been turned off following my posts in this thread. I've no idea why it has repeatedly been turned back on. 

Yesterday, 29 September it was ON again so I posted on this thread again and also clicked on this link

Ask an Online Expert Now - Get an Answer ASAP B2B Tech Questions Answered Every 9 Seconds! justanswe... this is where I was asked for £5 for a trial of this service. I did not take this up. 

This morning CallSafe is OFF, for which I thank you and hope that it stays OFF  



Richard Entwistle

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As of this morning, Wednesday 2nd October CallSafe is still OFF.

It looks like my problem has been solved; thank you. 😊 🎉 

Richard Entwistle