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CallSafe approved international calls

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Hi, I have several international numbers (Australia) in my approved list. But when my sister phoned it went to screening so she put the phone down. She rang again & I managed to accept the call. The number then stored itself in my approved list but strangely without the leading 00’s. I.e the Oz code is 0061. But the number was stored as starting with 61. I can dial out fine to Oz. You can’t add a number into the approved list without a leading 0.

Any ideas as to why the approved numbers are screening & why it stored as 61.



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Its how the number is transmitted from source.


I had a number from Canada that i manually input, but got screened 3 times with slight variations. Now ive accepted these variations i don't have issues.


I raised this as part of the trial for callsafe and this was the explanation.


Let the person know the next time they phone they may or may not get screened a few times, but it will eventually not be necessary.


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