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CallSafe gremlins again

Whizz Kid

I've just tried to add three new numbers to my approved list, but kept getting the system error message.


I then tried adding them using the phone option and managed to add one, and I updated the name online. The other two gave the 'successful' message on the phone, but did not appear in my online list as new numbers.


To check, I sorted by newest to oldest.  I then noticed that the number of listings in my approved list varied depending how I sorted them -


New to old                                         159

Old to new                                         151

0 to 9                                                  150

9 to 0                                                  153

A to Z                                                  152

Z to A                                                  150


By chance, I found that the two numbers which gave the error message are in fact already in my list, albeit without a name attached - so the system error message isn't really helpful.  Perhaps you could say something like 'Number already in list'?


I received two calls in the last few days which were not on my lists.  The callers gave their name but when I pressed 1 to accept, the call was disconnected.  I called the numbers back, and was told that they had not hung up but the connection was broken elsewhere.


Has anyone else experienced these problems - and can TalkTalk please sort this otherwise very useful service out?


And any news on when we will see the 'recent calls' tab as mentioned in the FAQ -


"How do I view my recent calls


Choose the Recent calls tab on the call safe page. You can view a history of calls from the last 35 days."