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CallSafe scrambling approved numbers advice.

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I activated CallSafe yesterday and noticed that the approved numbers I added are shown as Witheld.


Blocked numbers are shown correctly.


Does this mean that approved numbers won't get through unless they wait for the screening process?


Reading through the forum this seems to be a glitch with CallSafe (which I assume is being worked on) but I'm not clear if a number being shown as Witheld has actualy been accepted by the system.




Community Star

The numbers are withheld by the user so they are not shown in your list.


TalkTalk know the number and this is recorded behind the scenes, so once they are on your approved list the caller will get through.

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Sorry about coming back late on this, a family bereavement has kept me busy.


I don't think the answer given can be right as I tried adding my moblile number to the Approved list and that is showing as Withheld as well and I don't withold it from anybody.


My mobile does get through to the landline ok (and shows on my Caller ID to) so it is working.


I know the Blocked list has this Withheld glitch but with me it's showing on the Approved list as well and is a pain when checking if a number has been added correctly.


Can it be fixed or is it work in progess?

First Timer

I have stopped using CallSafe as I had the same problems.  I think it is a waste of time and shall revert to barring numbers.