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Just been invited to activate CallSafe.

I did this a few years ago and had problems - Have these been fixed?

The call could be from a hospital (who usually withhold their number) and you would want to know why they were calling!


Details from my previous Log


Anyone else experiencing problems with listening to message left by an unapproved caller if you are not at home to hear the callers message.


Some aspects of call safe are not well explained so its difficult to know what TalkTalk intended, but if an UnApproved caller rings me and I am not in then a message gets recorded. But when I dial 1571 I only hear the details of what I should do to accept or reject etc. and none of the callers comments.


How did I know a message was left - I rang myself from an unapproved number. Did TalkTalk staff try this?


I should add the Call Safe feature is a really good idea, just needs a bit of tweaking.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @JSTalk


Your post seems to have been delayed coming into the work queue its dated 8th Feb?  


Just to clarify , When an unapproved caller calls they are requested to introduce themselves and then press # key, the call then rings out for around 22 rings, then it will go to a automated message i stating "sorry the caller cannot take your call , please try again later"  


If the number is approved and you are not available then the call will go to voicemail, (as long as its activated). 


Hope that helps.