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Calls not being routed to new provider

Colin D
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Moved to Vodafone on 19 February. Know this has happened because changed to Fibre to cabinet so better throughput. Can make calls and have received calls. Bills being raised and paid to Vodafone.


However, TalkTalk are still trying to charge me and I have discovered that some people cannot reach us as TalkTalk is not routing to the new provider.


I have tried to sort this out several times by different routes. Can you help? Obviously particularly at this time it is worrying for me not to receive urgent calls and for people calling me to hear unanswered ring tone.

Colin Davies

Colin D
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This has finally been resolved. It took BT quite a long time to convince TalkTalk that the fault lay within their network and even then TalkTalk claimed to have fixed it several times when they hadn't. However, it has now been fixed. It was a complete revelation dealing with a company that believes its customers and can carry a case through to completion while keeping the customer informed.

Colin Davies

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Thanks for the hard copy of the bill.
Colin Davies

Colin D
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Thanks again I have looked up what a Bridge is and it should have been what Vodafone should have been doing for months anyway.

The decision has not been made and I am moving to BT.

(Vodafone have threatened their staff with disciplinary action of they do anything else to help.)

Technical problems require technical solutions, let's not get into blame games.

Colin Davies

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Thank you so much, but what is a Bridge Case?

 Is it a standard term that both Vodafone and Openreach will understand?

I am afraid getting through to a person within Vodafone who understands anything more than a line check has proved very difficult and the case has already been to Openreach a few times and always comes back no fault found because I can make calls and receive calls from people on most networks.

Is there a particular department in Openreach that they should ask?

Colin Davies

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I would suggest that Vodafone need to raise a Bridge case to Openreach. 

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Thank you very much for that. I accept that the billing/providing problem is now hopefully solved.

However, the routing problem also caused by the glitch (between TalkTalk,Openreach and Vodafone) is not.

As a customer I do not know the complexities of transferring between providers, nor should I need to. As a problem solved I look for explanations rather than rant and believe if problems are solved they may change things for the benefit of others.

I have been pursuing this very hard with Vodafone with little to no success. OFCOM say it is their problem as the new provider. I have been unable to identify any body that looks at problems that fall between providers. I would hope there was such a forum.

The last check I made was with a person in your network on Friday 13th and he rang me and received ring tone and my phone did not ring (we were in an email conversation at the time).

I do not know if you are a Network Operator as well as a Service Provider?

Openreach provide your access to the greater trunk network. However, there are several Network Operators working together within the trunk network. The major one is BT.


The symptoms could be caused by your Network Operator not knowing I am now with Vodafone. To avoid charges from BT your  Network Operator routes between subscribers it "knows" are on the same network, as the transfer was problematic this information may have not got through.


Another possible explanation is that Openreach failed to tie up the loose ends of TalkTalk 's now redundant equipment at my local exchange building and this is somehow still not returning subscriber not here.


Another possibility is that the wires have got crossed and the network believes I am now on VOIP while I am actually still on copper.


My son has reported the problem from his end (as not being able to reach me), but has got nowhere.


Anyway the billing seems to be sorted!

Colin Davies

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I had requested the provisioning team to double check and they have confirmed there is no association with your number and our network, you need to report this to your provider.


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Let's flip the question.


On Friday 13th I asked my mate Jim to phone me as I thought it would be quicker to talk about something rather than keep exchanging emails.


He responds that he tried to reach me but I never answered my phone (because it doesn't ring at my end).


He happens to be with TalkTalk. Strangely other people with TalkTalk and the Post Office have never been able to reach me since February either..


Same evening Jane phoned my wife no problem, she is with BT.  Lots of other people have reached me.


It is unreasonable to ask a friend to take up the cudgels on my behalf, but my son with iD/Three had a go and got nowhere.


I can phone anyone.


Something is wrong on the TalkTalk network and my phone number is screwed. I have no access to why or how it happened, but my best bet is my number is still associated within the TalkTalk network operator with the wires that were severed when I moved in February.


There might be an even more complex solution but your network operator using "call trap" is the simplest and most elegant solution.


TalkTalk must have people who understand these things, but it is impossible to ask them to explain.

Colin Davies

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It is a problem with your current providers porting team, I honestly cant see how the fault lies with ourselves in this instance. 


But I'm happy to pass on your feedback.


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I don't think it was deliberate or malicious, but not believing and ignoring a customer who has carefully worked out what went wrong and refusing to correct it maybe.


Glitches happen, but how you recover from them is what matters.


It cannot be considered acceptable to continue to route calls to a black hole.


OFCOM tell me it is up to Vodafone to sort this out, but they haven't even got close. I have taken a temporary number and then returned to my original. I am contemplating moving to BT but I fear the problem will remain as it is in the TalkTalk network rather than the Openreach access.


The fault may have been that Vodafone did not inform TalkTalk properly. It might be that TalkTalk did not process the request properly because of an earlier failed transfer to the Post Office. It might be that Openreach did not do something when they made the physical changes switching to FTTC.


However it happened, the fault now lies in the TalkTalk network not knowing I have left!


A good business learns from its mistakes and so over time it makes less of them.

Colin Davies

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Its unfortunate but from time to time transfers between providers hit problems, there is no malicious intent on the losing provider. 


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Thanks for reply.


Looking at some OFCOM papers it is something called Call Trap. This is meant to allow calls between subscribers on the same telco to connect to each other without reference to the network that owns the number (in most cases BT).


This violates one of the most fundamental rules of system design Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) and illustrates Murphy's Law (if it can go wrong it will go wrong).


Something went wrong with my transfer from TalkTalk to Vodafone. TalkTalk still believes I was with them, even though my outgoing calls, broadband and most incoming calls were being dealt with by Vodafone. People on TalkTalk (Post Office which is rehashed TalkTalk) can never reach me.


Both companies have been less than helpful as they have been unable to recognise and acknowledge the problem.


I suspect it is something that would be easy for the right person to fix, but it has proven impossible to resolve. I have persisted for longer than sensible because I am confident that this is happening to other people and many of them will be unaware of it.


However the companies seem happy to continue. I have asked OFCOM if they are happy with this and await a rely.


Colin Davies

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Sorry we don't have the facility to call out, online team only.


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Thank you. That would be most helpful and give me closure on the billing aspect.
Is there anyway you could perform a test call to my number from a phone connected to the equivalent of an ordinary TalkTalk domestic line? My handset has an answer phone so you should either get me or my message. My expectation is you will only receive ring tone.
Colin Davies

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I cant send you a letter, But I will request a reprint of you last bill showing there is no outstanding balance. 

Colin D
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If I had a physical letter I could place next to the door in case the bailiff turned up, I would.


I think I have only responded to questions from TalkTalk employees since it went to ADR. I will only reply to posts, or to update if there are developments.


I have tried very hard to not rant, but the aggravation has been extreme.

I am sure most of the people working for TalkTalk are doing the best they can,but they appear to be hampered by their computer systems.




Colin Davies

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OK, well you have an official confirmation here from the TalkTalk staff. Perhaps it's time to stop labouring the point?


Colin D
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I have no idea as I lost access to it months ago after I ended up in an endless loop which I think was due to an update going wrong. At that time (April) I was convinced a complaint handler had the problem under control and she promised the complaint would be sorted and not closed until after she had spoken to me. Unfortunately she did not sort it, or contact me and it was dropped under the 4 week rule. Ended up in CISAS, and hoped the money side was finally sorted. But then charged for a late payment on an account that should have been closed in March (with prepayments returned to me). Was chased by phone, hopefully sorted by Peaches but no follow up by her manager as promised or letter confirming everything OK.

I am just very uneasy as an ex customer should no be repeatedly receiving emails for bills even if they are for £0.00.
I had never contacted TalkTalk with any problem since I was transferred to them when Virgin moved out of the copper market. I had thought the comments on their service could not be true. Now I know differently.

Colin Davies

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Is there any balance outstanding showing on My Account?