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Calls not being routed to new provider

Colin D
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Moved to Vodafone on 19 February. Know this has happened because changed to Fibre to cabinet so better throughput. Can make calls and have received calls. Bills being raised and paid to Vodafone.


However, TalkTalk are still trying to charge me and I have discovered that some people cannot reach us as TalkTalk is not routing to the new provider.


I have tried to sort this out several times by different routes. Can you help? Obviously particularly at this time it is worrying for me not to receive urgent calls and for people calling me to hear unanswered ring tone.

Colin Davies

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Hi @Colin D 


Reading through your description it seems that you've ordered a broadband service from Vodafone and Vodafone have given you a new landline telephone number and have failed to notify TalkTalk of the switch of service provider for your line.


So, the TalkTalk contract continues and the landline number with TalkTalk is effectively still active so that calls to that number are ported to the TalkTalk network.


What's your take on the situation?


Clearly you need to cancel your TalkTalk service. Call 0345 172 0046 10am to 6pm 7 days a week. May be a long wait time due to fewer people in the call centre.

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