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Calls starting 0128x

Whizz Kid

Any one else getting inundated with calls starting with 0128  ?  (note that's just the first 4 digits recurring so each one is a different area code)


This began about a week ago and started off with just 1 or 2 but it's increasing and the last couple of days I've had 6 or 7 a day.


Sadly the blocking is no help because they are all different numbers such as 0128 followed by 19282419 ; 4408100; 6249137; 8681785; 7834466 & 3260649.  I always call-screen through the answerphone and they scammers/phishers simply hang up no message left. 


Googling them identified a couple as bogus callers saying they are from ISPs and warning that the phone & internet are about to be cut off unless either a payment is made or remote access is given to fix a "fault" with your PC. I didn't find any info on the others but it's a good guess they are doing the same.



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @td123


Have you entered the number in our  check and report site we can investigate it and block it on the network.


Also you could activate our CallSafe service which has been proven to deter scam callers read about it on our about CallSafe help page




Whizz Kid

@OCE_ArneThanks for the tips, later today I will trawl back through google search history and collate the numbers. A further 3 new numbers today so far and after a quick look at Check & Report it looks like I am not alone.

Whizz Kid

Things went quiet on the 0128 front - seems they have switched to using numbers starting with 013. These started yesterday with around 8 calls and about 10 more calls today so reporting each one becomes a drag.