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Can an area code be blocked?

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Is it possible to block all calls from a particular area code?

I am ex-directory but receive so many nuisance calls from the Manchester area. As soon as the answer machine answers they hang up. From searches these calls are undoubtable scammers but it is no good blocking that particular number as they appear to have a way to change the telephone number each call - although all from Manchester.

Any help on this would be appreciated.


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If you are using the renamed Last Call Barring, that needs the full number,. Laborious I know, but you can block up to 100 numbers like this.


Voicemail (1571) or an answering machine will normally solve this, you just don't answer any from that area code, just let the caller leave a message. I have never yet found a scammer who leaves you a message.


Then there is Call Safe, but I have never used this.

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Blocking a whole area code, if it were possible, would block any legitimate callers too.


the calls probably don 't originate from Manchester either as the scammers are well known to spoof numbers.


have you considered Callsafe? Ive not had a single scam call in the last few years since i started using it.




it's not for everyone, but for me the peace has been bliss.

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