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Can’t receive calls on landline

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Could someone please help?

We can make calls but cannot receive calls on our landline.

I've contacted talktalk and used their automated thing. I got a text from them saying there is no fault on the line and to text back if I am still having issues. I texted back but the message is not being received. It’s not my text that’s not working it’s at talktalk’s end.

i don’t know what to do could next? I need my landline fully working please as I work from home and need it.

thank you.


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That’s fine. When can they come please?


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if we arrange an engineer to fix the socket it will be chargeable as its classed as internal wiring and not a line fault.


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Just to clarify. The 2 that are working are cordless phones, and one of them is in a phone socket. The 3rd phone (which is dead) is a telephone/fax that is plugged into it's own telephone socket.


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We have 3 telephones. 2 are connected to telephone sockets and one is just plugged in to normal electrical socket.


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Hi pjmpjm,


Thanks for the PM


Could you just confirm a few details


How many telephone sockets do you have?
From your previous comments you appear to have 3 telephones and they each connect to a telephone socket rather than being 3 cordless handsets connecting to one base unit (that connects to the telephone socket), is this correct?






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I have pm'd you. Thanks

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Hi pjmpjm


We can arrange a TalkTalk engineer visit to take a look at the face plate.


I'm just sending you a Private Message to confirm some details so we can arrange this visit.






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Hi Debbie
When the phone is plugged into the test sock, 2 out of 3 phones work normally. The 3rd is dead.
When the router is plugged into the test socket, the broadband works normally and at the correct speed.
Please can we have an engineer out to fix this issue (even if it’s the faceplate/master socket). I can’t leave the router plugged into the test socket indefinitely. Other equipment needs to be directly plugged into the router in order to work properly, and the location of the master socket makes this impossible.
Thank you for your help.

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Hi pjmpjm


Apologies for the delay.


Can I just check, does this fault only occur when you remove the phone and router from the test socket?






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I'd also just like to add to the above, that we have had a few days in a row when all is working normally and consistently and we think it's been fixed, and then it goes again.


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Really disappointed that this issue is still on going.
Both our landline and now broadband are coming and going.
We've tried talking again to the tech people, but they now say there is an outage in our area and that it is being worked on, but this has been going on for weeks now. It's just not acceptable.
Our next door neighbour, also on TalkTalk, has no issues at all.
We really need an engineer to come and look please.
Can someone help us please?
This is beyond frustrating.

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Things are getting worse!

We now can’t make or receive calls sporadically. Plus our broadband is not working at all.

We spoke to someone at talktalk tech centre and he said it wasn’t in our house, but a problem with the A14 roadworks??? Is this right? What’s going on please? And when can we expect this to be resolved? He said 3 days, but it’s been over 3 days now!

Are your engineers working this or are we being fobbed off?

Please can anyone shed some light? Thank you


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The phone appears to once again be working (for how long I don't know). Is this likely to indicate a dodgy wire in the faceplate?

I haven't tried the broadband....the master socket is in an awkward place and isn't easily accessible because of heavy furniture and is not near the router. Wish I had known to test this at the same time as the phone.

Not sure if this makes a difference (the router being a long way from the socket)...I'm not massively tech savvy.

Thanks for your help.


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@pjmpjm If the phone is working OK at the test socket have you also checked that your broadband is working OK when router and phone are connected via a microfilter? If that is the case it is easy enough to source a replacement faceplate at minimal cost rather than paying for an engineer. If not let us know and the OCE can investigate further.


@Pippin-05 I am not sure how your post is of any relevance here? If you don't have a support topic of your own I suggest you start one.

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Hi Pjmpjm, I wouldn't hold your breath for a reply, my phoneline has been dead for almost a month, I've tried explaining on Chat- then AGAIN on Chat when nothing was done. I talked to an advisor (who was based in Manilla), someone sent texts to me about two weeks ago. I still have no idea when I'll be able to make phone calls again, so I don't think you stand much chance of getting any help, you'll just get more and more frustrated! But good luck, I hope you have more success than me!

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ok, so what do I do?

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Hi pjmpjm


If the service works in the test socket that indicates that the faceplate is faulty, and is classed as internal wiring. 


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Can anyone help please?

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The phone is not working again. We can make calls but not recieve them. I've plugged the phone into the test socket and it works, we can then receive calls. So does this mean the issue is external? Can it be fixed please.

Thank you.


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Thanks for the update. its possible an engineer was dispatched to the exchange by openreach for a known issue at the exchange which was effecting a lot of customers across all providers.