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Cannot make outgoing calls

First Timer

My disabled son had a problem yesterday evening and night. He relies on his phone and was distressed when he couldn't use it. I only found out when I rang him to check why he hadn't called us like he usually does. Rang the 0345 number and spoke to a guy in South Africa who wasn't allowed to call the UK to talk to my son directly. Useful or what...? Finally got onto chat and had a fairly good 'chat' with Christopher who couldn't help but ran some remote line checks. The earliest he could get an tech out to check was the 9th of October. Again, useless. So I said, sod it, I'm going to BT..... The TALKTALK equipment is physically fitted in the local BT switch/exchange, which I can almost see from the house. However, when I visited my son's flat this morning, the fault had cleared. He can now call out. So something happened overnight but what ? Did the remote line checks that Christopher ran cause a reset ? I spoke to my son after the line checks and asked him to ring me but he still couldn't call out, so what did happen ??? At least his phone now works but I'm not too chuffed with TT's response.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi doc670


Really sorry that your son had problems, It sounds to me like there was either an exchange outage, or maintenance work being carried out which caused the problem. 


Does your son have priority care on his account, if not check out our accessibility hub to see if it can be made available, and therefore avoid any further distress. 


Hope that helps.