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Cannot register for My Account access

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I have been trying to register online for access to My Account.. I enter my phone number and account number and receive a message saying that a six digit code has been sent to my email address, but it never arrives. I spoke to customer services who confirmed my email address and they sent a message, but that never arrived! I was told this would be escalated to tech support but I have heard nothing in about a week - then I thought "perhaps they are contacting me via my email address" which does not seem to work! I decided to try here for a solution and had no problem using my email address to register. Obviously, I have looked in spam folder but I cannot find anything from TalkTalk. Can anyone please help......


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When I try to register for My Account there is only one option given to receive the six digit code - that is by email. There is no option for a text message. The email address shown is in the form s*********s@gmail.com and this does fit my address. A phone call to customer services confirmed that they are spelling my email address correctly but I do not receive the code they are sending. I tried to login with this email address and used the forgot password option. The login failed due to the email address not being recognised, so I appear to be in a loop - password unrecognised but sending a security code to it!!


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Hi @PhoneUser


Is this the only service account you've had with TalkTalk? If you've had a previous account you'll need to register with a different email address.


When registering for MyAccount you just need the landline number and account number and you should get the option of using a mobile phone or email address to get a registration code.  Once you have access to MyAccount you can change the MyAccount login email address and password if needed.


Sometimes, TalkTalk will use an email address you've previously given when placing the original order to set up your MyAccount.  So if that's the case you could use the forgot my password option to recover access and the mobile number to receive the reset.

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