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Charged for Voicemail

Whizz Kid
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For the first time ever I have had voicemail charges levied on my account.


Yet on my bill it says the following services, INCLUDING Voicemail are free...


Included as standard
SuperSafe 11 Oct 2019 FREE
Call waiting 11 Oct 2019 FREE
Caller Display 11 Oct 2019 FREE
Last caller barring 11 Oct 2019 FREE
Reminder call 11 Oct 2019 FREE
Ring back 11 Oct 2019 FREE

Three-way calling 11 Oct 2019 FREE
Voicemail 11 Oct 2019 FREE


The charge is minimal... 11 x calls to 1571 @ 2p each, but the principal is all wrong.


Please could this anomaly be corrected and a credit be issued?


Community Star
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Hi HappyHippy I'm afraid the devil is in the detail voicemail standard is still free but the charge to dial 1571 has gone to 2p a pop.

We were all advised of this back in August or so but like a lot of these messages we tend to ignore them.

Your message is flagged for assistance but I wouldn't get too optimistic about a refund.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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The notification was on the bottom of June 2019 bills.


2p charge effective 1 August 2019.


If you remove Standard Voicemail in your online account, it is gone for good as it is no longer offered.


Voicemail Plus would then be your only option, currently at £1 per month when I checked "My Account" 30 seconds ago.

Martin, just a customer trying to help.

Support Team
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Hi Happyhippy


I'm afraid the charge is valid, all customers were informed of the voicemail charge. 


Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 


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They did not make the new charge obvious, I only found out when I got my latest bill, bad way to carry on, and even if it only 2p it is the principle of adding hidden charges.


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The 2p charge was clearly notified on the bottom of all bills in June, you must have missed it by not scrolling down to read it.


There was nothing "hidden" about it at all.

Martin, just a customer trying to help.

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Clearly notfied would be at the top of a bill not hidden at the bottom, and the voicemail would not be shown as free when to access it you are charged 2p, underhand by anyone standards, other than you of of course.


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We may have different opinions, but nevertheless the notification was in the usual place, on your monthly bill as well as on the website, where TT will advise of any changes as they say in their Terms and Conditions, which I am sure you have read in full.



Martin, just a customer trying to help.

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I had to call support in the end to get voicemail removed, so all sorted now.

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