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Confusing stories from same company

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Hi. My account with you expires 14 Aug. I am paying £35/m for faster fibre, free calls and Sky Sports. After chatting with your colleague Guanda, I was told the cheapest renewal without the Sky Sports was going to be the same price. I put the offer on hold with him, as I wanted to have the sports package for as long as possible. After searching online I found a deal with you for the same except for no Sky Sports for £27 which I took up after chatting with another of your colleagues Zazi. I asked several questions and got positive answers, including will my landline number stay the same? I was assured that it would be. Today got email saying it was changing! WHY?

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HI @Delta25


When you renew your contract your  home phone number will not change. 


But the notes seem to indicate that you have requested a new account at the same address in which case you will get a new number. 


Are you setting up a new account?