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Core Telecommunications Limited - Legitimate?

Whizz Kid
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I have received an email purportedly from Andrew Lester of the above company offering a free 0300 telephone number to our Community Hall.


A Companies House check shows that Core is based at TalkTalk's address in the Soapworks, Salford and has common directors with TT.


As Companies House do not verify the information presented to it, have you any knowledge of Core - and is there anything that we should be aware of before considering taking up this offer please?


Our line is with TT






Community Star
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Hello Russell


You'll have seen that Company number 03274623 Core Telecommunications Limited is indeed one of many company names in the TalkTalk portfolio. According to the accounts dated December 2021 it is a dormant company. Therefore this is not the company that you've had contact with.


There is a sales person Mr Andy Lester working as Head of Charities and Numbers for Company number 05332008 Core Telecom Limited. I'd be confident that this is the company, based in Leeds, that's made contact with you. Seems legitimate but totally unrelated to TalkTalk.


There's some information on the  Core Telecom facebook page about 0300 numbers that explains why Andy made contact with you. My guess is they're contacting all charities and not for profit organisations via their 03numbershop branding. Same company as the website proffered by ferguson.


Other than that, how's things going for you?

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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If you do not think it is a scam, why not just respond to the sender with any questions you have? I have looked up Core Telecom online and cannot see any obvious connection to TalkTalk.