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Cost of calls to 00800 (international freephone numbers)

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A few years ago a question was asked about this. Eventually the reply was yes, they are free..... A couple of years later, the question was asked again & the answer was that if you don't have the international boost, then the calls are very expensive....


So, I have been trying to find out what the actual answer is. I rang TalkTalk & the chap I spoke to didn't have a clue what I was talking about. He went away & came back & told me that it's not on my call plan & so is chargeable. I asked how much it would cost per minute etc. to call & he
told me the number's not listed.... I pointed out that surely the number would either be free OR be listed with a charge. No answer. He did tell me that the only way to know if it was chargeable or not would be to call the number! NOT VERY HELPFUL!!


I have emailed TT a few times about this. I had a response that was about 0845/0870 numbers. No mention of the 00800 number. I have tried Googling the question. Most answers say should be free, but check with your provider. I rang Ofcom. They didn't know either!


I really hadn't anticipated this question being SO DIFFICULT to get an answer to


Any ideas??



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Hi DebSki,


Apologies for the delay.


Please let us know if you have any further questions following Gondola's advice.




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Hi DebSki 


The International freephone number called from the TalkTalk Network by starting the number 00800 is free of charge.  Charges help page:  International Call Costs

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