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Handset Number of Rings & Voicemail


I have  Panasonic Dect dual handsets. Currently I have only one Master Socket, no others, so the main handset is connected to that.

Of late, what I've been finding is that the phone barely rings before taking the call directly to voicemail. This has never been the case before and there's no way of interrupting if this is happening, so I can't intervene and take the call.

Consequently, if I'm not by chance passing and pick up swiftly, the call goes almost automatically to voicemail which, surprise surprise Talk Talk in its infinite 'wisdom' now wants to charge for 'free' voicemail. I smell a rat...

There are other community members with this problem I note, all as far as I can see with Panasonic phones.

There's no way in the Panasonic 'settings' to alter the number of rings so I'm guessing this needs to be done at TalkTalk's end.


I'd appreciate some help with this if the remedy is simple.

My contract is up in mid-September so this may be a deciding factor in renewing.


Many thanks


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Being wary of these new charges, I just removed the voicemail option altogether, so of course if I am now on the phone and somebody else tries to phone, they'll just get the engaged tone.


Ansaphone is otherwise usually on.


Might as well revert to old, traditional methods if this is how they want to behave. At least there doesn't seem to be a charge for just checking 1471 or Caller Display. 

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Hi @kwilsaint 


Using TalkTalk voicemail explains that the TalkTalk voicemail service, if activated via your MyAccount, has a default ring time of 21 seconds or about 7 rings.  Either that's got a system fault or there's possibly a fault on your 'phone / landline preventing the 'phone ringer from working as expected.


Just confirm please which voicemail you have active via your MyAccount - standard voicemail greeting or voicemail plus personal greeting.


To troubleshoot you can ring your home 'phone number from your mobile and see how many rings you hear on the mobile vs how many rings your Panasonic 'phone delivers in the 21 seconds before talktalk voicemail is triggered. You'll also then know if talktalk voicemail is being activated too early or if the handset ringer / line ringer isn't working as expected.


You can also run a Service Status check from your MyAccount to see if that picks up any fault on the line.

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