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Home phone no longer indicates when I have a Voicemail

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For my home phone I use Panasonic KT-TG6521E. When a voicemail has been activated the phone gives an interrupted dial tone but, more usefully, a symbol of an envelope appears on the handset display.

This display hasn't been available for some time now almost certainly linked to the opportunities (as Microsoft call them) with the change of software which effected the phone ring.

Do you intend to get your software to actually operate this feature again ? 

I don't really want to be continually lifting the phone to hear if I have a voicemail so possibly my best course of action would be to switch voicemail off. Pity to lose the facility. especially as there will be no financial saving.


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A quick Google reveals the problem occurring with the Panasonic phones, and no other make is mentioned that I can find, @Grumpyolduser














I can't find any other make mentioned and I didn't put Panasonic into the search, so hence my saying that the software incompatibility appears to be very much specific to this brand.


So, that explains my previous reply. 


Sorry that Talktalk cannot appear to resolve the problem for you. 


There may be little incentive to solve it with the infrastructure heading towards different technology altogether within a few years. 


It would be preferable to maintain the service as normal meantime and not have sudden changes without warning!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi Gliwmaeden, 

Not sure why you think it's only Panasonic phones affected. Possibly the biggest phone supplier in UK - hardly a niche product. Obviously the Support Team are unable to resolve the issue so I'm assuming the tecchies are just stonewalling them. Like the infamous ringtone saga a bit of integrated testing is always a good idea when bringing in new software. 

Of course the very small minority of TT customers with Panasonic phones won't have noticed the lack of voicemail because they're waiting for the voicemail symbol to appear. 

The definitive answer is "We can't get anyone to accept responsibility for this."

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There have been several people in the same boat, @Grumpyolduser, so you have been given the definitive answer after other cases were also investigated. 


Probably a case of TT jumping in with both feet with new software, rather like the ringtone saga earlier in the year, but not enough cases for them to change this? Limiited to Panasonic, I think, which will be very annoying if you found this feature useful. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I find this somewhat difficult to accept. Panasonic haven't changed their software TALKTALK have. You changed the software so it's technically possible for you to find out what's gone wrong and revert back to offering the service. If your tecchie guys can't correct this then I feel sorry for them.  I guess I'll switch off Voicemail as you can no longer support it properly - perhaps another supplier can.

Another fine example of deteriorating service from TALKTALK.


Support Team
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Our team have investigated this and and unfortunately this is not something that we are able to resolve.