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Home phone number change

First Timer

I've had my current landline phone number (originally provided by BT) for the past 12 years and over those years, more and more companies have got hold of that number and even though it's ex directory now, I'm still getting a sea of marketing calls everyday and I'm getting a bit fed up of it.


Can I change my existing landline number?

Is there a charge?



Conversation Starter
It may be worth trying CallSafe for a while @twistoffate. I enabled it a few months ago and haven't had one unwanted call to date.

It'd save you having to notify friends and family of your new number. Also remember that a new number could be prone to unwanted calls being sent to the previous owner of the number.

If you definitely want a new number. The OCEs will be back on duty tomorrow and be able to give you more information.
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi twistoffate


As Zomby has mentioned Callsafe has been proven to deter scam/ marketing calls, 


If you do want to change your number, I'll need you to answer our data protection questions which I have sent you via Private message on the community.