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How long will this issue with South Africa go on?

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The talk talk website advises of issues, but no indication or estimate on how long to resolve? Will it be hours? Days? weeks? I have been trying all week to speak to someone, and the web site just isn't working to upgrade my account or add boosts. The irony is I want to give Talk talk some more money and I cant do it? What is going on?


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Like anything during the pandemic, @Happyhouse14, nobody really knows how long it's going on for and who is going to be affected badly  at any particular time, wherever in the world.


It's just particularly inconvenient for customers at a time when the only way to deal with contracts is over the phone. 


If you are setting anything up, get them to sort out which boosts you keep or ditch at the same time. 


I see you have been posting elsewhere that you've had issues with this, trying to do it through My Account. 


Try 03451 720046 today before 6pm. Closed  Sunday. Then after 9am- 7pm Monday to Friday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.