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How to turn of voicemail

John Woodley
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Was hoping you could help me with an issue that I can’t seem to resolve.


The voicemail on my grandparents’ home phone has recently reactivated and I am trying to turn this off as they just want to use their phones answer machine.


I have seen the advice on turning it off using ‘my account’ on the talk talk community online. Both my parents are elderly and can’t use technology well. My grandads also has dementia so cannot remember any of his information to login neither his email address, password or anything else I could use to reset the account. I have a few details with me, but they are very outdated and are not letting me log in.


I have tried calling talktalk but the customer service line is very expensive to call I can’t see to get through very quickly.


If you could turn of their voicemail that would be brilliant.

The account I am writing this from I have created purely to solve this issue and is unrelated to my grandparents phone and account.


Thank you for the help




Support Team
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Hi @John Woodley


Sorry that your grandparents are having problems.  


I will need some account information, I presume that they are receiving paper bills, all the required information (account number/ landline number)  will be there, if you can add it to the private notes section in you community profile I can start to help. 




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@John Woodley, you need to add some details to the Personal Information in your forum profile. 


Don't post any personal information on the open forum pages. 


Go via your avatar/name; settings; choose Personal Information from the drop down options that start with "email". Just put your own name in there.


At the very end of that section, in Private Notes add "on behalf of" and give full details of your grandparents' account:


Account holder name


Their Talktalk landline phone number. 


This should be enough information for staff to identify the account in question. They might simply remove Voicemail for them, or they may help you set up the My Account online for your grandparents. 


From My Account your grandparents would also be able to add information in their personal details so that Talktalk staff know to prioritise their service if it ever goes wrong.


If you or they phone from their Talktalk landline, the Talktalk helpline number is free, so they shouldn't be worrying about the cost of it from their own Talktalk landline. It would be charged at the normal rate for 03451 720046, if you ring from a mobile or a non-Talktalk landline. 


If you are trying to help them from their home, you might help them resolve this through Chat  - ID questions always need to be checked. 


If you scroll down on this page, you'll find the link to Chat and the opening hours for help facilities:




Forum staff are not back before Monday now, which is why I am suggesting the other options. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.