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Intermittent Faults on Landline

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I've had an intermittent fault for months which I've lived with as it's so difficult to contact TalkTalk by any means these days. I haven't seen the pop-up opportunity for an online chat, which used to be permanently available, then became apparently random. Now it's just not there at all.


The original fault: for several minutes - sometimes as many as 10 - after finishing one call on the landline, I often wouldn't get a dialling tone at all. Now, for the last week, there's an additional problem and I've set a day aside to try and get through, somehow, to TalkTalk. I've not ruled out, however, resorting to pen and paper if I can find a postal address. It seems an extraordinary situation, for a communications company!


The additional problem now is that, whether I'm receiving or making a call, even after waiting for a dialling tone, once the call has been connected, ie, once the call timer starts counting up, there's absolute silence at my end. Sometimes the person on the other end can hear me: sometimes not. Sometimes, I even get through and can receive or make calls - I'd say at the moment it's approximately 50/50 - but I'm increasingly having to rely on my cellphone and indoor repeption here's not great.


Can anyone give me ANY contact number for TalkTalk, or tell me if/how online chat is still available, even randomly?