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Intermittent Land Line Issues

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Morning all,


My mum has recently started to experience a number of land line quality issues, which seems to have coincided with increased activity by Openreach in our area.


The line quality will range from perfect when some one calls, to not being able it hear them, Its also the same intermittent call quality if she makes the calls to another end user.


A number of people have also advised that they have called her number and not heard a dial  tone, or they can hear it dialling, but it has not caused the house phone to ring. 


As mentioned above this seems to have coincided with increased activity from OR, the phone number on the account details are the CLI in question.


Support Team
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Hi lboardman71


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults - Line test is clear.


Would it be ok to test with a different phone at the test socket to see if the same fault is still present?


The next step following this will be an Openreach engineer visit to the property. I will also add to the fault ticket your comments about Openreach working in your area.