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Intermittent Line Problem

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Been having an intermittent line problem for a long time, years in fact.

Its been worse since i moved over to fibre.

The land line will crackle and be noisy, i can sometimes clear it by unplugging the phone from the master socket for a time before making a call.

After 40mins tonight on a call i heard click mid conversation and then the line went dead. Well when i say dead you could still hear line noise but the other end got cut off.

I hung up then tried to ring out but i just got a line busy tone.

I tried to ring my land line from my mobile and get an engaged tone.

The person i rang tried to ring me and got an engaged tone.

I rang them on my mobile (same No.) got through fine and spoke for another 1/2 hr.

Tried to ring my land line again from mobile, still engaged. (can't be connected to the original call, I've spoken to them on the mobile...)

Plugged in another old style push button phone, don't get a dial tone.

Work the handset cutoff switch a few times, hear some clicking and then get a dial tone back.

Phones working again.

Any chance someone can check the line?

I don't think its my end, I've checked the master socket / cabling before and tried 4 different phones which all have had the same problems.

I've also had a problem with the broadband dropping out, get an 'No Internet' error on the PC.

Also streaming on other devices can drop out, either wired LAN or WiFi

I checked the router yesterday when it dropped out a few times and it said it was connected OK. I rebooted the router and everything came back up again.


Community Team - TT Staff
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OK, thanks

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @gonzinigonz


Line tests are all coming back clear, have you checked connected to the test socket? 

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I'm not surprised, that's what normally happens. No fault found.

In the past i have removed the front part of the master socket and connected straight into the socket. Still had the same problem. I also checked the cable outside as there's a join behind a plastic cover on the wall. Other than cleaning all the cob webs out it looked fine.

Actually I've just gone to check what the phone was doing and i realised its been unplugged from the socket.

Wouldn't that effect any tests you do on the line as there's no load, like a phone on the end of it?

The older phone i have which is powered from the phone line seems to not crackle or play up as far as i can tell. If i have problems with the mains powered hands free crackling, if i plug the old phone in it shuts it up. I've tried 3 other mains powered hands free phones and they all crackled in the same way.
It was the old phone yesterday that corrected the fault after pushing the receiver cutoff switch a number of times.
Its like there's an intermittent dodgy connection somewhere, I'm pretty sure its not in the house though.

If i find it plays up again and i don't touch it or try to fix it my end, are you more likely to find a problem from your end?

It might get worse if its been raining, its dry today and the suns out. Maybe water is getting in somewhere?