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International Boost no longer available.

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For the past few yers I have been paying £3.50 per month for cheap overseas calls. In the current economic climate, Yesterday, I decided to stop this, on the basis that I could always turn it back on for a month at a time.


Today, I checked that I could turn this Boost on and found thee answer was NO, the boost no longer existed. Instead, I was offered the International Calls Boost, costing £14 per month, with a 50% discount for six months. This is a completely different product from the one I originally had; and which I was told could be turned on and off, a month at a time.


I am extremely annoyed at the way Talktalk has made this change. I should have been informed, before cancelling it, that the £3.50 International Call Boost would no longer be available.


Support Team
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Hi davidw40


Sorry that you are unhappy. 


The international boost was discontinued last year, A notification was sent to all customers actively using it, advising that when it is removed it cannot be re-added. 


I'm sorry that you missed it.