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I live in Glasgow and for some time now whenever I'm called usually from a business  (often from from England, including when TalkTalk have rung me!!) it always seems to be a case of me having to ask: Are we on a bad line? They invariably say they can hear me fine! So annoying! Local calls, by comparison, are clear!

My TalkTalk fibre broadband is excellent...

The caller is frequently able to adjust something at their end and this sometimes helps - but only a little.

Otherwise, their voice is just not getting through properly, making it a struggle for me to have a proper conversation. And yes, my natural hearing is good!!

My phone is a Panasonic DECT phone. I tried attaching my old wired phone but problem is even worse!

So I have to wonder if the main connection is at fault.

Can someone run a check on my phone line to figure out why all this is happening?

Many thanks


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Hi kwilsaint


Thank you. If you do experience further issues then we can arrange an Openreach engineer visit.


I have also sent you a Private Message with a link to a short survey for the Community.


Thanks again.

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Hello Debbie....

Thanks for the reply. Instinctively I have to say, I felt the problem lay with the caller. As I said, they always seem to have a way of 'boosting' either volume or clarity at their end. I'm guessing they don't use TalkTalk!

At anyrate, regarding the corded phone...I did attach it to the main socket...same as my Panasonic DECT...

It's at least good to know my line's recording no faults...I'll keep monitoring things and get back to you if need be.

Once again, many thanks....

Support Team
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Hi kwilsaint


I'm really sorry to hear this.


The line test is clear, no faults detected.


Just to confirm, when you connected the corded handset, was this directly at the test socket with the router removed?