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Landline Number Suddenly Changed Without Consent

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Last week our landline number suddenly got changed without our knowledge or consent.


I rang Talk Talk customer service. I was told that probably the line got crossed at the Exchange box and that the problem will be resolved within 24 hours. Four days later the problem was not resolved i.e. our old number was still not active. Rang Talk Talk again and they made appointment for an engineer to come to fix the problem. I also talked to the Talk Talk complaints team and was told that there is no guarantee that I will get our own number back. I was fuming when I heard that. We have that number for 14 years or so.


How can we assure that we will get back our original landline number?




Mr Iftikhar Siddique

Mr Iftikhar Siddique

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I feel your pain.


I thought my issue was bit niche as I was moving from Virgin to TalkTalk. Virgin is not part of the BT Open Reach network hence there is a possibility of an issue.


At that time I rang Virgin and they were more helpful than TalkTalk.


With TalkTalk the biggest frustration I had was that each time I called I had to repeat all the conversation, it sounded like they had no issue history or notes on the system!!


The best thing I would suggest is to write straight to their Head Office in Manchester. They are bit more understanding than the call centre staff.


At that time they temporarily redirected my landline to our original. Even after we got the original number back they still charged us till end of contract (September 2019)!


Rest of the service was okay with them and they still are the cheapest.


But because of the customer service or lack of customer service experience I decided to go with NowTV which were the 2nd cheapest for us.


Good luck!



Mr Iftikhar Siddique

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@martswain I was in the process of moving the post to a separate topic, sorry!  


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Do you realise you have posted on a thread that is 18 months old ?


As per community guidelines, please start your own topic if you require support from the TT staff.


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Hi Iftikhar,


I am currently having the same issue with TALKTALK. I re-joined talktalk after being with SKY for a year and decided that i wanted to re-join talktalk again as i was happier with them and not sure why i moved to SKY really. I placed the order online, and was talking to someone on live chat regarding my landline number and asked them if this would be ported from my current provider (at the time SKY), this was confirmed.


My line went live and broadband on 27th July but by 29th July i realised that my landline had not been "connected" and no one was able to get through. My daughter then rang her mobile from the landline to fine that we was given A NEW LANDLINE NUMBER which we did not ask for. 


It has now been 1 month and this has STILL NOT YET been resolved. I keep getting mixed messages from different people within the company and none of them are correspondant to each other. Its absolutely disgraceful that they can change your number after so long. Just like yourself i have had my landline number for over 20 years! I have elderly ill parents who can contact me without an address book and now unable to. 


They told me at the end of July that a cancellation was going to be put on the account and then they placed a new order with my previous landline. THIS IS NOW LOST IN THE SYSTEM and no one can find this. They are now blaming SKY and saying that they refused the porting of my landline number. Then when speaking yet again for 3 hours on live chat and then an hour on the phone to them today they have said that they have now cancelled all my services including broadband for the new number they gave me and i have to process a new order for the landline number (old/previous) to be given back but there is NO guarantee. 


It is an absolute joke and so shocking that they cannot get it right then blame you for it. 


Please can you tell me what happened with you and your outcome so i know what to possibly expect or pursue further. If this is not resovled i will be taking to the Ombudsmen as i feel really disgusted in the level of service received. 


Kind Regards,



PS. Just to add that back at the end of July a man called JORDAN was spoken to and we was even given a new order reference that was processed - seems today they have now told me the order was processed and then they cancelled it - NO COMMUNICATION SKILLS WHAT SO EVER!!


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Thankyou for replying.


Last night had another very long chat with staff in South Africa and Phillipnes. This time I think they understood the issue. And as you rightly pointed... the number has been changed in the system. 


1) Now need to find out why the number changed?


2) Urgently need the original number back!!


I have made a complaint before. No harm in complaining again :--)


I will complain by email. Or is it better to post the complain ?


Do any of the UK staff deal with the complaints ?


If we do not get our original number back we will take legal action.





Mr Iftikhar Siddique

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There is no fault on the line, the account has been renumbered, My only suggestion would be to raise a formal complaint following our customer complaint code


Apologies for the inconvenience caused.


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Hello : )


Engineer never turned up.


One of the most frustrating thing is that the call centre staff (South Africa and Phillipines) do not understand the issue. 


Another week has gone without our original number (which we had for 14 years!).

Mr Iftikhar Siddique

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Hi IftikharSiddique


It looks like an engineer went out on the 25th, Is this problem now fixed? 


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I filled in the fields I could.


Thanks for the response.

Mr Iftikhar Siddique

Community Star
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If you would like the online support team to look into this for you make sure that your personal details including TalkTalk landline number are complete on your community profile so that they can link your forum identity with your account and then wait for them to respond here.