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Landline woes - can make calls but can't receive any

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Hey there,


I know there's been a few discussions on this topic but I thought I'd try and ask for a more personal help. "Frustration" doesn't even come into it.


Basically, I've moved house and took the same number with me. Wish I hadn't now as same problem is plaguing me like my old address.


I can make outgoing calls as before, but no incoming as before! My family can't reach me, saying its a constant dead line. I've tried countless times with my mobile, same thing - not a ringtone, not a peep.


Have tried with a different phone plugged in, same problem persists. Can't believe this has followed me to my new home!!


Constant calls to TalkTalk helpline didn't solve the problem, they were adamant that the line is working fine. I wanted an engineer to sort things out once and for all but to no avail. I'm on "Fibre 65" package, broadband working fine otherwise.


On checking my "Home phone calling boosts and privacy features" i did notice that the 'Last caller barring : bars the last caller from calling again' box was ticked. How did that I happen, I haven't a clue! I de-ticked it Sunday lunchtime, hoping the matter would be finally sorted... but here we are 24 hours later and still nothing.


Any help/suggestions please. I'm reaching the end of my tether... Cheers.






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Hi Dylan74,


As Gliwmaeden2 has said, we really need you to test with your telephone connected to the test socket if you have one



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You need to plug the phone into the master socket/test socket for staff to assess where the fault is happening, @Dylan74.


If you need an engineer to be sent out, you risk incurring engineer charges and these tests are designed to avoid unnecessary engineer visits / charges. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I've dialed 17070 and it does repeat the landline number back to me. I haven't meddled with the socket as yet, fed up of trying to tackle it myself and no solutions.


Support Team
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I'm sorry to hear this. I've run a test on the line now which hasn't detected a fault. If you dial 17070 from your home phone does it read back the correct number? Does your main socket also have a test socket? Please do not post any personal information on the Community.





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Last Caller barring will only block incoming calls if you have specifically blocked these numbers, @Dylan74.


It works differently from Callsafe. 


For staff to look into this, they will need to identify your account from your Talktalk landline number. 


Please add this via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard. 


Your thread is in the queue for attention. Please look out for a reply tomorrow. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.