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Last caller barring 1 4 2 5 8

Geoff Broughton
First Timer



I have not read the previous posts.


1) The last caller barring 1 4 2 5 8 gives the option to report the number of a scam. Can the message confirm that TalkTalk will investigate the reported numbers? Otherwise, are we wasting our time reporting the numbers?


2) The last caller barring 1 4 2 5 8 starts by reading out the number. It would be better if this is followed by the time the call was made, just to confirm that this is the correct number to bar.


3) Can TalkTalk can say where the call originated? This may be a fake origin but is unlikely to be local. Again, this helps confirm this is the correct number to bar.

Insightful One

Hi have u seen talktalk report side as it is here this is what they have done new 


as u can see if other people have had the same number and will be added to their report of it so more people more blocking going on

Hope that help Joe R If so then give me a Kudos ( Click the Thumb up Button)
Community Team

Hi Geoff,


Have you seen our CallSafe service?


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