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Line cord Error, no dial tone.

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My phoneline has had no dial tone since yesterday morning, that I noticed, it was working fine the night before. My internet has had no issues it is only the phone. My cordless phone displays the 'check line cord' error message. Since then I have tried:


  1. Changing out ADSL filters

  2. Plugging the phone directly into the master socket

  3. Turning off my phone and leaving it, and my whole system, router included for 5-10 minutes and then waited for 5 minutes after turned back on.

  4. Calling in, the headset display registered my mobile was trying to call but would not ring and could not be answered. It just rang till the answer service kicked in on my mobile, so no engaged tone or anything.


I finally got a new corded handset to try today and that too does not work No dial tone, and does not ring when I try calling it, although the light flashes that someone is trying to ring me, lifting the receiver does not connect the call. I can only conclude there is some issue on the line somewhere?


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Hi Zoe_wales


I'm so glad to hear that this fault has been fixed, thanks for letting us know 🙂



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Engineer has fixed my fault. Told me it was external, whatever it was. I now have a working landline again.

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Hi Zoe_wales


Sorry for the delay.


Please let us know how you get on following the engineer visit.





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Thanks for this information Gliwmaeden2. Live chat agent booked an engineer for Thursday morning, so they must have found something wrong on the line.

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Thanks for troubleshooting so carefully already, @Zoe_wales.


Unfortunately staff on the forum are away till Tuesday. 


Please try to report the issue via Chat.


They open at 9am. Please use the link on this page:






If you can phone from your mobile, call 03451 720088 or 03451 720046, after 9am on Saturday to report the fault. Not open on Sunday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.