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Many weird noises. TT phone support not helping!

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This phone line has been suffering from weird noises for weeks. It's extremely disruptive to phone conversations.


Frustratingly, nobody on your phone support desk will do anything about it. They just say it must be the phone itself and refuse to pass the problem to Openreach. Apparently there's no fault found from the remote tests, and that's good enough for them.


It obviously isn't the phone, because the noises are the type that you'd expect the exchange to generate. For example: odd bursts of dialtone, or what is I think called an SIT (three rising tones).


However, I have swapped to a completely different phone and the problem is still with us. Please could an OCE arrange for this problem to be taken seriously? (Account details in profile, as requested.)


Thanks in advance.


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Update: on Friday afternoon, Openreach spent several hours checking from the master socket back along the cable all the way to the exchange. Also yesterday some 35m of the cable was dug up. I think we're not the only people in the area having problems.

The Openreach guy replaced everything possible at each point along the cable that was accessible as far back as the exchange to no positive effect. He also replaced the master socket. He then liaised with the cable guys and they decided that they would replace the whole 35m of cable within the next few days. They think it's just too old. If that bit of replaced cable doesn't solve it, then they will dig up another bit, and so on until they solve the problem, they say.

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Oh that's good news, thanks @Arne-TalkTalk. I wonder why the phone support people couldn't have done that? 

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Hi @pgjenn


We have detected a Battery contact fault, So i have passed this out to Openreach they will arrange for an engineer to go out the exchange. 


We can check the fault ticket on Tuesday next week for an update. 


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Yes, problem happens in master test socket. Also swapped phones, microfilters, tried with/without filters, etc.


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Does your master socket have a test socket and if so have you tried connecting there to see if the issue persists? Subject to that I have flagged this up to the OCE for you.