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Many weird noises. TT phone support not helping!

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This phone line has been suffering from weird noises for weeks. It's extremely disruptive to phone conversations.


Frustratingly, nobody on your phone support desk will do anything about it. They just say it must be the phone itself and refuse to pass the problem to Openreach. Apparently there's no fault found from the remote tests, and that's good enough for them.


It obviously isn't the phone, because the noises are the type that you'd expect the exchange to generate. For example: odd bursts of dialtone, or what is I think called an SIT (three rising tones).


However, I have swapped to a completely different phone and the problem is still with us. Please could an OCE arrange for this problem to be taken seriously? (Account details in profile, as requested.)


Thanks in advance.


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That's great to hear.  🙂

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I spoke to the team on the phone, who admitted they'd forgotten to remove the divert.


All fixed now; thanks for your help @ferguson. Season's greetings!

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I'm afraid not. And they will probably be thin on the ground next week also, for obvious reasons.


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EDIT: No longer a problem (see reply below).


Now people can't call us. They hear a few rings and then a repeating SIT (three rising tones).




@ferguson are any OCEs around at the weekend? Thanks.


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Many thanks @Arne-TalkTalk. Looks like the problem got fixed sometime on Friday. I've been in hospital for a couple of days, or I would have let you know sooner.


[I'm OP's son; I've been helping him navigate this problem]

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Sorry that this is still ongoing, I will pass it back to Openreach.

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I guess they were working on it earlier, because the DSL sync kept dropping.


But the problems are just as bad. @Arne-TalkTalk if they've closed it again, please reopen.




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Hi @pgjenn


That will be the engineers decision, the ticket advises the engineer has been dispatched. 


Hopefully the service will be restored at some point today. 



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Please take urgent action to restore our ability to make calls. It is now absolutely impossible to use it for calls in or out. It has now become impossible to dial a call so we cannot get to anyone even if we wanted to suffer the noise during the call. When the phone rings it is not the normal regular ring but one with long pauses which eventually stop. 
Can we try a lift and shift @Arne-TalkTalk ?

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Hi @pgjenn


Openreach closed the last fault ticket as "fixed", I have re-opened it and passed it back. 


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@Arne-TalkTalk please help. It's worse than ever:

Loud foghorn noises

A selection of prerecorded "hang up and try again" messages

Some incoming calls do not ring.


Basically all-but useless phone service.


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Hi @pgjenn, I suspect that call was nothing to do with my request, there should still be a engineer out either today or Monday.

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@Arne-TalkTalk, they phoned a few minutes ago, claiming they'd fixed it. Unfortunately, the very next phone call we made showed the problem is still there: ghostly moaning and echoes heard at both ends of the call.


So could you please poke them again? Thanks.


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Hi @pgjenn


We have requested an engineer to go back out to the exchange in the next 48 hours. 




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OK, thanks. Please go ahead and do that @Arne-TalkTalk 


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Hi pgjenn


The only thing we can do is report it back to Openreach.

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Sadly, the roadworks finished with no more contact from Openreach. And the cacophony on the line is actually worse than before.


@Arne-TalkTalk could you advise next steps please?


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