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Master socket

First Timer
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I am incredibly frustrated of the level of disorganisation and lack of training of Talk Talk staff. 

I have no fault on my phone, however, I would like to move the location of the master socket. From the forum I saw it can only be done by an open reach engineer and it costs 128 pounds. 

When I contacted Talk Talk to get me an engineer for master socket work they told me I would be charged something like 40 pounds and that I did not need an open reach engineer as the work was internal in the house. I was sceptical but they guaranteed me that was the case. 

When the talk talk engineer came here, he said on his system it was documented he should fix a fault in my house and that he could not do the master socket work as it requires an open reach engineer (surprise surprise! I knew better than the talk talk costumer service what was required!). Fine, tried to book an open reach engineer then.


The first appointment given to me I had to reschedule. I don’t know why but I spent an hour trying to schedule it, with it being escalated through the various departments and in the end they said I wouldn’t have to pay anything. Got an appointment to a certain date and tried to call talk talk back to confirm the appointment a few days later, they could find any notes about it (effectively the appointment had been cancelled and they didn’t dare to tell me).


Now it seems I’ve got a provisional date from open reach, that needs to be confirmed by them and yes of course I do have to pay the 128 pounds, just hope they don’t charge me that on top of the ~40 pounds for the first talk talk appointment that was a total failure from their part. 

What a bloody mess!!! It was a simple request, I want to move the socket, but because this doesn’t concern a fault, there’s no one who could actually give me the correct information to start with! And now I’m just hoping things will actually work the way they should, but I can see me spending another hour on the phone trying to convince them I should not pay the initial engineer fee. 




Support Team
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Hi camila23


Really sorry to read of the poor service that you have had, This is not the type of experience that we would want you to have. 


What date where you given?   


If you would like us to check, please update your community profile to include your landline number and we will try to help.