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My GP is unable to get through on my landline

Enlightened One
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It appears that I am the same - I removed callsafe, yesterday to try to let my GP through - but no change - my GP claims to have tried to call me, at about 5pm but was unable to get through

My phone has zero missed calls on it.....

This is extremely important


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My surgery (as I suspect every surgery in the county) does not forward its number to me - when they call me

Yet callsafe claims to give a "free pass" to every surgery (puts them in the safe list)

How, exactly does this work ?

I am guessing that a data base of numbers is obtained from NHS - Which clearly cannot be relied on ?

By the way - since I removed callsafe - we have had ZERO spam calls !


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It sounds to me, that CallSafe wasn't the underlying issue, as they couldn't get through when it was off. 


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They finally got through - using my mobile

Anyway - whatever the reason - callsafe has now been banished from my phone line - never to return - it is more hassle than its worth !

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I  have ran tests and there are no faults on your line,  but if they cant get a dialing tone they will need to check their line, or even double check what number they have for you. 

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I believe that my GP was unable to get a ringing tone - which implies that there may be a network issue ?

It didn't go straight through to voicemail either (there's no message on the phone)



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Would it be possible to find out what message that the GP surgery heard ?  


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I have checked and anonymous call reject is set to OFF - It has never been turned ON

My GP surgery confirms today - that my GP DID try to phone twice and was unable to get through - it makes me wonder what other calls have been unable to get through

If its not caused by callsafe or anonymous call reject - what else could be the cause ?


Support Team
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Hi @Weevie


I've checked our server and CallSafe is 100% off as per 08:44 yesterday.  


Community Star
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A lot of GP surgeries do not forward their number when they call you. If you have anonymous caller reject enabled on your line, that would stop them getting through. This boost can be disabled completely in MyAccount, or you can check its status by calling:-




If anonymous calls are rejected, you can turn the facility off on a temporary basis by dialling:-




However, as the facility is chargeable, disabling it temporary might still means you have to still pay for it. The only way to stop the charges is to remove the boost completely in MyAccount.

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