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Never received router, still charged for broadband

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So, this is a bit complicated. I tried text chat, and was promised a callback, but it never came.


I have two lines, a phone only line that has never had broadband (I'll call that #5) and a phone+broadband line (I'll call that #6).

My son noticed that I was charged for broadband on the #5 line, but have never had a router sent and have never used it for broadband. We only ever ordered a phone line, it was transferred from BT some time in the past (might be decades ago, I can't rememebr). We've never ordered nor had broadband on the #5 line but the bill says "Fibre 35" which is apparently a broadband service.

It seems to me that we're due a refund, at least on the past year, as we've never been sent a router and so have never been able to use that broadband. We've paid for a service that we never received.


Both line #5 and #6 are to the same address and on the same bill. I guess I just never thought about it and paid assuming that it was correct. It seems like they ripped me off.

Aside: I don't need that second line anymore, so as it happens I wanted to get broadband put on the #5 line and cancel the service on the #6 line entirely. Presumably, they'll send me a router [for the first time] for the #5 line?


Oh, also he says I'm charged 20p/min for calling circle, does that seem right?


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Hi joejefferies,

I've replied on your other thread