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No internet or landline since 10/09/2021

First Timer
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I was due set up after moving to New address openreach engineer called on 10/09/2021 due to go active by midnight. Contacted talk talk on Saturday 11/09/2021 and was given engineer date for 14/09/2021 between 13.00 and 18.00 as no Internet or landline explained I can't just get time off work .I then made arrangements for someone to be at my property for all day Monday 13/09/3021 when I called talktalk  again on the Saturday to change my engineer appointment they said I couldn't do that until the following day so called back again on Sunday 12/09/2021 just to be informed they are closed for calls so they must have known this when I spoke to them on the Saturday. This is an absolute appaling service as I have been with talktalk for over 10 years I just want to book a engineer appointment for Monday 13/09/2021 and will now have to try and call whilst at my work on the 13/09/2021.

G Duncan

Support Team
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Hi Duncan9


Please add your home phone number to your 'Community Profile' and I'll see if I can figure out what is going on with your connection.





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@Duncan9  I hope the call centre agents aren't as confused as I am !


From what I can ascertain you have arranged for someone to be at the property all day tomorrow (13th) with an engineer appointment booked for the same day between 1300 and 1800.


That seems to suggest the plan is in place.


Why do you want to change anything ?


"Contacted talk talk on Saturday 11/09/2021 and was given engineer date for 13/09/2021 between 13.00 and 18.00"




 "I just want to book a engineer appointment for Monday 13/09/2021"


Please do not edit you OP as it will get even more confusing !


Community Star
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Hard to follow this, @Duncan9.


So there was already an appointment for Monday 13th pm, that you set up just yesterday?


You are trying to change that time?


May not be possible for the same day. 


You have someone who could be at home to let them in?


Perhaps better to keep the arrangements as they are if the person can be there. 


Chat is available TODAY still, for the next few hours. You should be able to reach Talktalk directly, though not on the phone today:




Click Chat Now (blue background when available) on the link.



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.